[#15] Book Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

The Elite
  (The Selection #2)

The Elite (The Selection, #2)


Thirty-five girls came to the palace to compete in the Selection. All but six have been sent home. And only one will get to marry Prince Maxon and be crowned princess of Illea.

America still isn’t sure where her heart lies. When she’s with Maxon, she’s swept up in their new and breathless romance, and can’t dream of being with anyone else. But whenever she sees Aspen standing guard around the palace, and is overcome with memories of the life they planned to share. With the group narrowed down to the Elite, the other girls are even more determined to win Maxon over—and time is running out for America to decide.

Just when America is sure she’s made her choice, a devastating loss makes her question everything again. And while she’s struggling to imagine her future, the violent rebels that are determined to overthrow the monarchy are growing stronger and their plans could destroy her chance at any kind of happy ending.


The Elite… This series definitely gave life to the girlish part of me that hadn’t been roused for a really long time. I loved it!

I rated The Selection with perfect five while I rated this one four because I think that the first one’s much better. I rate a series according to its development from the first one. While The Elite definitely roused me, The Selection gave me sparks and all.

I also like the blue cover more that the red one. Though, I really approved of both covers for they sort of described the characters too. In the first book, America was innocent and confused which gave blue aura (blue:calm). The second one with America being stronger and a little fiercer gave red aura. That’s just the way I view things though.

Charaters. I still think that Aspen was a jeck. No competition for the prince then. Maxon, he still has that charming, manly and really lovable self. I was a little shock with his revelation on what was happening with him and his dad. I understand the weigh of his responsibilities and his every action. His womanizing, I don’t even want to talk about that (you got the idea, right?). America, loved her so much. I liked her character now more than the other one. She was stronger and more that ready to stand up for the things and persons that needed her. I admired those qualities of her. Maxon and her lovelife had been a little blur with all that happened but I still have my bet on him.

Events. There’s less focus on love thing on this book than the other one. The rebels were really disturbing. The palace was not much of desirable place now with all that happened and issues with the royal family. The events shifted with the characters. It’s great how Cass had done it all.

Overall, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next series, and it has its official title now! The One. I loved this book and I’m sure that I will love it too. Another thumbs up for Cass =D

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4.0 Hearts

[#14] Book Review: Model Spy by Shannon Greenland

Model Spy 
(The Specialists #1)

Model Spy (The Specialists, #1)


Teen genius Kelly James is in a lot of hot water. A whiz with computers, she agreed to help her college RA, David, uncover some top-secret information. After all, she doesn't have many friends and David has always been nice to her. It doesn't hurt that he's supercute and irresistible, too. All she has to do is hack into the government's main computer system.

But a few hours later, her whole life changes. She is caught and taken in for questioning, only this isn't your run-of-the-mill arrest. Rather than serve a juvenile detention sentence, she accepts the option to change her name and enlist in a secret government spy agency that trains teen agents to go undercover. As if that wasn't overwhelming enough, she discovers that David works for this agency as well!

And before she even begins to understand what is going on, she's sent on her first mission as an undercover model. And who better to partner with than David himself!


Model Spy… I have this thing about teenage spies that really makes excited about reading it. I like books that make me think, though this one doesn't really hold for too long before revealing the mysteries.

I like the lead character, Kelly’s geeky ways and all. There’s a little touch of romance that’s really sweet and cute. The friendship between the specialists/agents was the same way.

There was humor but not too much. The mystery was revealed almost immediately but there was some that’s never revealed in this book. Think I have to read the next one to have the answers but I don’t mind at all.

It was a quick read with a mix of (you know) teenage stuffs. I loved it :)

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[#13] Book Review: Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder

Scent of Magic 
(Healer #2)

Scent of Magic (Healer, #2)


Hunted, Killed—Survived?

As the last Healer in the Fifteen Realms, Avry of Kazan is in a unique position: in the minds of her friends and foes alike, she no longer exists. Despite her need to prevent the megalomanical King Tohon from winning control of the Realms, Avry is also determined to find her sister and repair their estrangement. And she must do it alone, as Kerrick, her partner and sole confident, returns to Alga to summon his country into battle.

Though she should be in hiding, Avry will do whatever she can to support Tohon’s opponents. Including infiltrating a holy army, evading magic sniffers, teaching forest skills to soldiers and figuring out how to stop Tohon’s most horrible creations yet; an army of the walking dead—human and animal alike and nearly impossible to defeat.

War is coming and Avry is alone. Unless she figures out how to do the impossible ... again


Scent of Magic… What was that for?! Why do you have to leave me with that ending Snyder? Now waiting for the next installment would be much harder.

Touch of Power is one of my favorite books. While I loved this book too, they’re not o the same level. The first one’s better. Scent of Magic was all about the adventure of Avry and Kerrick separately. There’s not much of romance in this one. Like I’ve had said, it’s all about adventure, it’s like this book was the preparation for the last installment. I don’t know if anyone would agree but the book runs on a circle. Nothing much had happened. They started to be together in hiding and it ended similarly.

I read this book on word-for-word mode. And I really liked and impressed by the writing of Snyder. Unlike the other authors that feed the reader with too much details and description, I like that she doesn’t work like that. She described details just enough for my imagination to work. It’s never a struggle to finish her books. And I have to note that she kept doing that suspense thing that I kind of loved and hated at the same time.

There was also a lot of revelation. I like the logic of the events. It was not easy to guess but when you finally realize it, it’s like “oh, that’s why (O.o)”

What’s up with the ending?! After finally being together, then leave me with that ending.

Overall, I like it and I can’t wait for the next and last installment of this series.

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[#12] Book Review: Endless Magic by Rachel Higginson

Endless Magic 
(Star-Crossed #4)

Endless Magic (Star-Crossed #4)


In the final installment of the Star-Crossed Series, we find Eden Matthews a prisoner in the very household she set out to destroy. She is without magic and engaged to the same boy who betrayed her and everyone she loves. With her wedding looming on the horizon, conditions for her people continue to worsen and her goal of offering her kingdom freedom seems further away than ever. Her brother is free however, and building a Rebellion that hopes to rescue her. Eden's parents are working with the Resistance and inside the Citadel Eden finds more allies than she thought possible. However, there is more at stake for Eden than just an unwanted marriage. Her heart is on the line too, as she fights the pressures of palace life, the prejudice ingrained in her people and a seemingly unbeatable king. Endless Magic is the fourth and final installment of the Star-Crossed Series.


Endless Magic… The last book on the Star-Crossed Series. I liked it on an average way.

As the last installment, the conclusion of this book has been too short for a really long book. My excitement was numbered. It had a smooth finished, a little tiny heart attack on some events but still smooth and calm.

Characters. Eden, I waited for like forever before she figured out something. Made it a little boring and stupid. Jericho, I had my bet on him, but what happened to him?! Though, I admired what he has done. Kiran, I finally understood what happened to him on the previous series. Avalon, Lily, Talbott and all the rest of the Resistance, I’m so proud of them all :D

It was really a good series; Higginson had done a good job and really had improved in writing from start to this. 

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[#11] Book Review: Stainless Longganisa by Bob Ong

Stainless Longganisa


Pagkatapos ng ABNKKBSNPLAKo?!, Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino?, Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas, at Alamat ng Gubat, ipinagpapatuloy ni Bob Ong sa librong ito ang kanyang ikalimang pakakamali -- ang magkwento tungkol sa sarili niyang mga libro, bagay na di ginagawa ng mga matitinong manunulat. Ito ang Stainless Longganisa, mga kwento ng nagtataeng ballpen sa kahalagahan ng pagbabasa, pag-abot ng mga pangarap, at tamang praan nG pagsusulat,

"Wow! Konti na lang ang typo!"
- J.K. Rowling

"Super puwede na!"
- Dan Brown


Stainless Longganisa... Una ko 'tong binasa nung third year high school ako pero wala pang kalahati inayawan ko na kasi hindi ko maintindihan yung mga sinasabi ng may-akda. Pangalawang beses nung bakasyon bago ako mag first year college, dahil yata wala na talaga akong magawa kaya naisipan kong basahin ulit. At ayon, natapos ko naman at nagustohan ko pa nga. Pangatlo, ngayong bakasyon ulit, nagustuhan,tumawa, naintindihan, sumang-ayon at sumalungat ako sa mga nabasa ko. Nakakatuwa rin na nakita ko sa sarili ko yung pagbabago ng point of view ko sa mundo, mula sa pagkabata hanggang sa kasalukuyan, masasabi ko na lumawak na yung pagtingin ko sa mundo at kahit papano may naitutulong ang mga librong katulad nito sa akin.

Ipinakita ng libro ito sa akin yung mga bagay-bagay sa mundo na minsan hindi ko pinapansin kasi wala namang interesado sa mga yon at ano nga ba ang magagawa ko sa nga 'yon? Pero naisip ko rin na meron, hindi man malaking bagay pero siguradong meron dahil parte ako ng lipunan, parte rin ako ng problema at solusyon. Hindi man pagiging manunulat ang tinatahak ko pero natulungan ako nitong makapag-isip at mas maging determinado. Naisip ko lang na kung kaya nga ni Bob Ong, bakit hindi ko kakayain. Nakakatuwa ang mga kwento nya kung pano sya nakarating sa lugar nya ngayong, kung baga nakaka-inspire para sa akin 'yon. Tinubuan ako ng karagdagang determinasyon at lakas ng loob dahil sa mga nabasa ko.

Nakakatuwang hindi lang tuwing akala ko seryosong usapan na pero maya-maya hihirit nanaman ng mga jokes ang may-akda. Walang pressure 'yung libro kaya nakakatuwa. Nagustuhan ko ang aklat na 'to at susubukan 'kong mabasa pa ang iba n'yang non-fictions^^

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[#10] Book Review: Fearless Magic by Rachel Higginson

Fearless Magic
(Star-Crossed #3)

Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed #3)


Eden Matthew's world is in shambles. Her grandfather viciously murdered, her twin brother held without magic, and her best friends imprisoned, all at the hands of the one man that was supposed to love her for eternity. She has been betrayed, and now she is being hunted by a king that wants her dead. Eden must pick up the pieces of her life and stand alone against the tyranny that threatens to destroy her world. Alone she must find a way to rebuild the Resistance, locate her missing parents, save her loved ones and take down the monarchy. Everything is against her, including forbidden feelings of a love that she thought was buried. She has declared war and now stands on the precipice of defeat. Losing is not an option however, and Eden must find a way to overcome her emotions, fight through her pain and restore the magic to her kingdom. Fearless Magic is the third installment of The Star-Crossed Series.


Fearless Magic… It’s the third installment of The Star-Crossed Series by Higginson. It’s all about the quest of Eden for vengeance. It’s a little off, there was a lack of focus in the story and it’s like going through circles.

The goal of the main character Eden was to save his brother Avalon and to have her revenge for the betrayal the monarchy. Eden was confusing or she just simply didn’t have the capacity to focus and do her job. Her emotion was always a big deal. The story and plot of this book was big enough that the attitude of Eden made it harder to explore and enjoy. Immediately committing herself to Jericho after all that happen in the second series was a little turn off too. Though I do like Jericho more that Kiran, it just didn’t felt right. She’d gone believing in herself then in the next 2 second, she’d gone ‘no, I can’t do it, Avalon is a much better leader’, that’s a little annoying too. Taking control on the last events was one of the moments that I liked her. The rebuilding of Resistance was something that I had looked forward with, that’s a success with Eden. Meeting with her parents, it’s a really sad reunion, it affected me so I say that it was effective. Kiran, he’s more confusing that ever, I don’t know what he’s all about. An ally or an enemy?

The romance in this book was mild and clean. The love triangle was a blur and keeps on changing. The focus of the story was also a blur. And obviously, the characters were a blur too, they were confusing.

I like this book and I really want to know what going to happen to all of them and how all of it will come to finish.

How much I loved it?
3.5 Hearts

[#9] Book Review: Hopeless Magic by Rachel Higginson

Hopeless Magic 
(Star-Crossed #2)

Hopeless Magic (Star-Crossed #2)


After returning home from Romania, and successfully saving her best friend Lilly, Eden Matthews must now come to terms with her future as an Immortal. She is in love with the Crowned Prince, but he is betrothed to someone else.

Her family desperately wants her to join their rebellion, but that would mean fighting against her one, true love, Kiran Kendrick. She must fight off assassins that want her dead, an Immortal rite of passage that takes her to India and a deadly disease that no one has thus far survived. Danger seems to lurk around every corner as Eden Matthews struggles to keep her true identity a secret and protect those that she loves.

Eden must find a way to be with Kiran, or turn her back on him forever and fight to save her people. Hopeless Magic is the second installment of the Star-Crossed series.


Hopeless Magic… The story and the writing had totally improved from the first series. I enjoyed reading this book, though it totally improved; I still think that it needed some revising. There were some loopholes and poor explanation on the events that was confusing. And I think that the novel was too long for a simple plot.

The characters: Eden, Avalon, Kiran, Jericho, and Amory. Eden was stubborn, sweet, and a little bit too stupid. Is it wrong to assume that the characters would at least learn something from their pass mistakes? Why does she kept doing something wrong and misjudge everything? I understand that some of those negative traits define her character but I think that it should at least be logical and in accordance with the events. And she was blinded with love. Avalon was responsible, great leader, caring, and a really good brother. I wish I have a brother like him ^^ I like how he was so dedicated with the Resistance and the things that he cared about. I like how he and Eden bond together as twins. Kiran was an asshole, deceiver and has no backbone at all. Why can’t he decide what’s the right thing to do? What’s wrong with everyone’s judgment in this book? I forgive his betrothal with Seraphina but his betrayal, no, never. I don’t care if he had done it Eden, it’s just so selfish. Jericho was every inch of an ideal guy. I liked him from the moment he start confessing his interest with Eden. I love how he’s willing step aside for Eden’s choice. Amory, I can’t understand how the king manage to kill him! Isn’t he a true immortal and all? Everyone tried to kill and failed, what’s the big difference with Lucan?

The events: it’s okay. The book is too long so it tends to get boring at some point. The climax is good and I really didn’t expect it to turn like that. But it was really good.

The writing, like I’d said, had improved but still needs some working on.

How much I loved it?
4.0 Hearts

[#8] Book Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

(Delirium #1)

Delirium Book Cover


Before scientists found the cure, people thought love was a good thing.

They didn’t understand that once love -- the deliria -- blooms in your blood, there is no escaping its hold. Things are different now. Scientists are able to eradicate love, and the government demands that all citizens receive the cure upon turning eighteen. Lena Holoway has always looked forward to the day when she’ll be cured. A life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.

But with ninety-five days left until her treatment, Lena does the unthinkable: She falls in love.


Delirium… I don’t like it. This is going to be a short review.

The story talks about love being some kind of diseased. It is a dystopian novel that’s not very successful if you’ll ask me. It is boring. It taken 3 days for me to finish this one, considering that I skipped some parts. The characters: everyone is weird. The plot: nothing exciting and new. 

All in all, I don’t like it and I’m not planning to read the next book.

Poem [#6] : I have the Curse

I have the Curse

Why inflict pain?
Why not make it easier,
When all it takes are silence?
Why bother when not bothered?
Can’t say that I asked too much
When I never had spoken at all.

Please forgive my living days,
For I never asked for it,
Please forgive my existence,
For I work too hard to hide it,
Please forgive my wisdom,
For it’s all that I have.

I run miles and miles,
Hoping to fade away,
Wishing the bruise on my toes
Will cover the pain of my dying heart,
Wishing the dark night
Will hide those deadly stares.

I chose to receive the curse
And refuse to pass it on
Even if it means freedom,
I chose to take it all
And keep it to myself
Even if everyone condemns me for it.

I have the curse!
And I will not deliver it to anyone
Not to my child nor yours,
It’s no sacrifice but a blessing,
Blessing to see through your power
That’s nothing more that a curse.

-Samantha A.

[#7] Book Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection 
(The Selection #1)

The Selection (The Selection, #1)


For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself--and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.


The Selection… It was an amazing book! Would stating that I’d manage to finish this novel in about eight hours be enough to prove my point? So far, this was my fastest read. I just knew that the moment I started reading it that I won’t be able to keep my eyes off it until I finished everything. And wow! I loved it.
It’s every girl’s dream to be a princess and be loved by our own prince. This book definitely fulfilled my best wishes. It’s the best fairytale that I could hope to have read.

The writing of Cass was incredible. She let me experience this book in full package. I felt how the emotions of the character as she struggle with a handful of dilemmas. I always liked it when the author didn’t just narrate the story but make the readers enter it as if we were really there.

The female character; America was determined, carefree, kind, stubborn and of coarse beautiful. I liked how her personality developed and improved with the events. She’s a little confusing. And I think it’ good that she has the nerve to break some rules and stand for the right. Prince Maxon was sweet, playful, responsible and extremely handsome. And he’s a little bit of a womanizer! Though, I think that’s unavoidable since he has 35 ladies to entertain. I loved how he’s willing to absorb all new information and knowledge concerning the society and take actions for it. Aspen; he’s a jerk. I don’t think there should ever be a love triangle because of him. But since there already is, I’ll just have to deal with it and let Cass do the thinking. By the way, he’ pretty good looking too.

I’m on team America and Maxon. I felt sparks whenever thay were together. It’s been a while since the last time I actually felt like that for book characters.

The events and setting were great. The whole thing was between the present and future. The history and status of society seems to be somewhere belonging in the future, though, the technologies and everything else described on this book was just how it is today. Living in a castle and all, what could you ever ask for?

Overall, it’s a great book. I can’t wait to know what’s going to happen in book 2. Cass really have done a good job ^^

How much I loved it?
5 hearts

[#6] Book Review: Rachel Higginson

Reckless Magic 

Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed, #1)


16 year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years. Kingsley is her last chance to finish high school and she is determined to simply do that. But when she meets Kiran Kendrick and her world opens to something she thought only existed in fairy tales, she's unsure what her future will hold. Suddenly she is captivated by a boy who seems to be the source of all of her problems and struggling to rescue her best friend from a foreign prison. When attempts are made on Kiran's life, Eden alone must save him. Thrust into a world that is more make-believe than reality, Eden has to find her own destiny without losing those she loves most. Reckless is an intricate story of mystery, adventure, magic and love. Eden Matthews is an unlikely heroine set on a path to save the world and her loved ones before its too late.


Reckless Magic… In the first parts of this book, I honestly liked it though as the story went on, it became a little boring. It’s an average book for me.

It was intriguing from the start up to about ¼ of the whole book. The readers were on the dark when it comes to there nature. It kept the excitement going on for a while.

Then on about ½ to ¾ of the story when I’d realized what they are it started to get boring then there I’d just skipped some parts just to get to the exciting part. And I don’t think that I’d read something really thrilling in the least, and that’s up to finish.

The girl character; Eden was confused and weak. I actually liked strong characters and I don’t appreciate absurdity. The male character; Kiran was playful, gorgeously hot ^^ and arrogant. He was so arrogant and manipulative, there were scenes that he got really annoying that I wished I could punch him in the face, good thing that the book never stopped reminding me with how handsome he looked. And by the way the accent really helped me calm my nerves. Avalon, I think that he’s supposed to surprise me with revelation but I didn’t seem to be affected with any of the tricks.

The book and me; we just don’t click. Though, I would recommend this with the younger ones. I think I would have liked it if I’m still on middle school.

The writing was average too. There should be a lot of revelation to surprise the reader but it’s never effective to me. The degree of writings not meant for YA paranormal and dystopian reader like me.

Overall, I still believe that it’s a good book if it’s read by someone interested with a middle aged book or with its genre.

How much I loved it?
2.0 Hearts

[#5] Book Review: Fortress of Mist by Sigmund Brouwer

Fortress of Mist 
(Merlin's Immortals #2)

Fortress of Mist (Merlin's Immortals, #2)


Following Thomas' conquest of Magnus, the young ruler must now lead his people into a new era - one which is sure to reveal dark forces at work behind the evil undercurrent that controlled Thomas' kingdom for so long. Who will stand with Thomas to fight against the mysterious Druids? After being abandoned by Sir William, of his remaining "adopted family," who can he trust? Can he trust either Katherine or Isabelle with his secrets-or his heart?


Fortress of Mist… It is the second novel in Brouwer’s Merlin’s Immortals Series. This book was classified as YA, though I would recommend it with younger teens. I think it would be fun to read this if you like calm, mystery and a little romance.

Honestly, these are not the type of books I would usually enjoy for I am more of a YA dystopian and paranormal reader. I’m not used to very calm sound of this book, though I liked it for it was a breath of fresh air after reading consecutive thrilling genres.

There was mystery, romance, deceit, betrayal and wisdom implied in this novel. The mystery evolved around the main character: Thomas. The events was narrated by a third person so the readers knows what’s going on, the mystery was only on the characters. The romance was nothing mushy. Deceit and betrayal, the supporting characters seem to deceit the main. Thomas seems to have a fight against the worlds. He has had those wisdoms that the reader could take time to think about. It could be a good way to connect with a book like this, though not everything was relatable for it’s mostly about warfare. Faith was also seen in this novel. Thomas has question about God that could give readers some insights.

Overall I found Fortress of Mist to be an interesting yet a quick calming read. The revelation on this book did its magic for me to keep interested on the coming events.

I received this novel for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Press in exchange for this review.

How much I loved it?
3.5 Hearts

[#4] Book Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me 
(Shatter Me #2)
Unravel Me (Shatter Me, #2)


it's almost
time for war.

Juliette has escaped to Omega Point. It is a place for people like her—people with gifts—and it is also the headquarters of the rebel resistance.

She's finally free from The Reestablishment, free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch.

Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible.

In this exhilarating sequel to Shatter Me, Juliette has to make life-changing decisions between what she wants and what she thinks is right. Decisions that might involve choosing between her heart—and Adam's life.


Unravel Me… I really loved the first book of this trilogy so I was very excited to finally read this one. In Shatter Me: I’d loved it, plain and simple while in Unravel Me: I’d loved it and hated it at the same time, it’s just so complicated. It made me feel like throwing the book away yet made me so eager to know what would happen next. Thought, they have this comparison that I couldn’t ignore; they both left me quite speechless…

If I would to choose the character that resembles me, it would be Castle, because like him, I am so disappointed with Juliette. I expected too much on this book and I’m a little disappointed with how it went. I mean, the book and writing of Mafi was incredible, it just that Shatter Me was so good and I expected this to be much more.

The flow of events was surprising, annoying yet lovable. It’s like fire and ice with this book. And I loved it for it brought out some hidden emotions in me. Surprising, there was a lot of events that made me stand and say “OMG! I didn’t see that coming!” There were a lot of revelations that’s so amazing and mind-blowing. Then, there’s annoying, it has everything to do with the characters. Juliette, you know how I feel about her. She and Warner got some kind of schizophrenia; it’s hard to figure them out. Adam, I’m in love with him! He and Kenji were the lovable part.

The love triangle had been so pronounced now. I think I’d liked it better when there’s not too much of it. They’re starting to do that ‘blindly in-love’ thing just like all the other YA book around. I’d never been subtle in my last review that I first fall in love with it because it’s different and it has no blindly-in-love thing going on.

All in all, it’s still a really great book that’s worth reading even though it gave me some headache XD Mafi is incredible.

How much I loved it?
4 Hearts

[#3] Book Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me 
(Shatter Me #1)
Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)


Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in exactly 264 days.

The last time she did, it was an accident, but The Reestablishment locked her up for murder. No one knows why Juliette’s touch is fatal. As long as she doesn’t hurt anyone else, no one really cares. The world is too busy crumbling to pieces to pay attention to a 17-year-old girl. Diseases are destroying the population, food is hard to find, birds don’t fly anymore, and the clouds are the wrong color.

The Reestablishment said their way was the only way to fix things, so they threw Juliette in a cell. Now so many people are dead that the survivors are whispering war – and The Reestablishment has changed its mind. Maybe Juliette is more than a tortured soul stuffed into a poisonous body. Maybe she’s exactly what they need right now.

Juliette has to make a choice: Be a weapon. Or be a warrior.


Shatter Me… Wow! I hope that would be enough to describe this book because that’s how it is, it sort of makes me so speechless, it’s just WOW! I love this book!

It’s a dystopian novel and I’m actually surprised that I’d liked it since I have some history with not liking similar genre with this book, so you can say that I read this book on trial and I’m so glad I did. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I kept imagining Resident Evil 5(minus the zombies), which I also loved so much. That’s my first hunch for liking it. Secondly, because it’s sort of a little poetic. The narration of Juliette was awesome! Third, it’s so mysterious, the mystery on what’s going to happen kept the excitement going from start to finish. It’s one of those novels that can blow you mind away when you finally realized the secrets and stories behind the characters. Lastly, I love the characters; they were not like the usual reads of mine which goes like--one of the leading role’s completely powerful and the other one’s completely hopeless and the love between them was not so blinding which was a breath of fresh air to me.

I can’t wait to read the next series of this novel. The ending kind of made sure that I’ll never be going to sleep peacefully without reading the next one!

How much I loved it?
4.5 hearts

[#2] Book Review: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

A Kiss in Time

A Kiss in Time


Talia fell under a spell...Jack broke the curse.

I was told to beware the accursed spindle, but it was so enchanting, so hypnotic...
I was looking for a little adventure the day I ditched my tour group. But finding a comatose town, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, was so not what I had in mind.

I awakened in the same place but in another time—to a stranger's soft kiss.

I couldn't help kissing her. Sometimes you just have to kiss someone. I didn't know this would happen.

Now I am in dire trouble because my father, the king, says I have brought ruin upon our country. I have no choice but to run away with this commoner!
Now I'm stuck with a bratty princess and a trunk full of her jewels...The good news: My parents will freak!

Think you have dating issues? Try locking lips with a snoozing stunner who turns out to be 316 years old. Can a kiss transcend all—even time?


A Kiss in Time… It was an incredible retelling of sleeping beauty played by Jack and Talia. It was quite intriguing to me even though we all know how the original tale goes. Flinn just couldn’t be content with the ‘girl-has-been-cursed, needs-a-kiss, happy-ending’, concept, and I’m glad she’s like that. It was really great to discover that Flinn found a way to make it surprising (again:D).
The twist and turn on the plot was really amazing and entertaining, as well as the characters. Talia and Jack: they were just so sweet and cute. And believe it of not, I love the witch!

20th century could really be challenging for girls born on the 17th century. I’d looked forward on how she would react and adjust with everything especially when she only had one hostile help. In the end I found that I really like this book!

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[#1] Book Review: Warprice by Elizabeth Vaughan

(Chronicles of the Warlands #1)

Warprize  (Chronicles of the Warlands, #1)



Xylara is the Daughter of the Warrior King, Xyron. With her father dead and her incompetent half-brother on the throne, the kingdom is in danger of falling to the warring Firelanders.

Before she was old enough for a marriage-of-alliance, Xylara was trained as a healer. She can't usurp her brother or negotiate a peace--but she can heal the brave ones injured in battle.

But not only her countrymen are wounded, and Xylara's conscience won't let Firelander warriors die when she can do something to save them. She learns their language and their customs and tries to make them as comfortable as possible, despite their prisoner-of-war status.

She never expects that these deeds, done in good faith, would lead to the handsome and mysterious Firelander Warlord demanding her in exchange for a cease-fire. Xylara knows must trade the life she has always known for the well-being of her people, and so she becomes...

The Warprize


Warprice... the book brought me to another world which came along with ALOT of confusion (in a good way) which is mostly why i enjoyed this book. First, the story was new to me (haven't read another book with the same plot before) so i never knew what to expext which really rarely happens to me since many other books tended to have the same plot. That's what gave readers like us(me) a new experience and excitement. The flow of the event was unexpected, it actually suprised me in some point.

Second, i can feel the character, it was easy to relate with. It was like I'm the one living with all the strugles and all of those mix emotions. I salute the author for having exellent writing skills.

Lastly, there's just not a single dull moment.

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