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I know I'm noisy! [#02] : This months art works :)

So I decided to post my artwork done this month to fulfill my long time promise to do so. So here they are:

❧ This one was entitled 'Bridge'. It's my entry for an art contest. Done this for ten hours straight O.o  My first trial on painting and joining contest in this medium. 

❧ Another first, sculpture category entitled 'To Build a Man'. This is my first participation in any contest this college. Submitted this month. Worked on it for almost two months but on and off. (sorry for my messy table). Anyway, it's made of wires with a wooden base; depicting a human head with human figures around it. Please wish me luck :)

❧ This one's a school project. It's a watercolor painting of Chartres Cathedral. Done this with my two groupmates/friends. Cost us three sleepovers minus the sleeping part. If you had just seen us on the submission day, then you would know how to properly define a zombie *lol*  


I know I'm noisy! [#01] : The Quest

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The Quest... It's one of the pages here on my blog and I just want to share with you what it's all about. Also, I want to make it official by making this post.

First, there would be questions about what 'The Quest' is all about? It's actually just My Quest in the beginning, but I realized, what good it will bring to other if I will just keep it to myself. I know and I learned about the beauty of sharing things and I want to share it with anyone I can grab on. So... Yeah, The Quest is about knowing God more and more through reading Bible (and please, let me finish, don't stop reading just yet). And since, it is quite obvious already that I'm a bookworm (and I have thing feeling that you are also one), I want to make it more challenging (nerdy) by reading it in different languages. As of myself, I plan on doing it in Filipino, English and Greek, exactly in that order. I don't know Greek yet, that's where the challenge arises. And duh... What's the use of naming it 'The Quest' if there's no actual challenge, right?

Secondly, the question may be; why am I so insistent on sharing this with you? Yes, I do insist that you read It with me and with your own preferred language(s). I'm doing this because with all the odds and religion (or not) that passed, nothing had brought change in me but God. Anyway, just to let you people know that I'm not one of those old people (that I think you imagining me to be like) that advertising there religions or asking thing for some religious group (I really do hope that I'm not offending anyone), I'm still just a teenager, currently 16, and I'm doing these on my own, based on my own beliefs and experiences. I may share my story of how I happen to be a Christian from being considerably nothing at all, one of these days. Well... it's a little messy. So, here's just a glimpse of that story embodied on this little poem I made some time ago...

The Path I'd Taken

I'd been on the world of falsehood
Driven by threads woven by citizens,
Mesmerized by those connected hands,
Never bothering to question its rightfulness.

Years of duty without understanding
Years of crawling in a foggy path
Years of denying the sight of wisdom
Delivered by voice as warm as a mother's hug.

A hurricane shattered my brittle ball of glass,
Breaking every piece of me in every chance
Leaving me hating, blaming and cursing
until the foggy path turns to dark endless one. 

Long, long agony with no one to hold on 
Making me numb like an old and cold stone, 
A misery filled with nothingness
Contained inside a little icy bottle. 

But my blood can never be contained, 
It spilled out and I'd known how to cry, 
After years of numbing torture, 
Who would have thought that all I needed was to cry? 

I cried and cried until i just want it to end, 
But a light suddenly gotten hold of my heart, 
Never wanting to let go and give up on me, 
Saving me from falling on the cliffs. 

Touching me with love and care, 
Making me forget of how I'd been, 
Miraculously sewing back the pieces, 
Healing every torn in my heart and soul. 

The light taking me out of darkness, 
Giving me complete blissful shine, 
Fogs completely cleared-out, 
Dark completely forgotten. 

Here I stay with my savior 
Who never had and never will abandon me 
Here i live and cheries the very essence of my existence 
Forever with Him, my beloved Savior and God. 

-Samantha A.

Third, what's up with reading Bible in different languages? Aside from the challenge part of The Quest, I realized from reading books that language is not always very sufficient when it was only translated, there could be minimum misconceptions, and substitution of words is unavoidable especially when a word doesn't even exist on the other. The Bible is originally written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. I want to have further understanding on the word of God that I think reading it in several languages may be necessary.

Lastly, I don't really have anything more to say. Just want to make you know that I'm always open for discussions, questions, corrections or anything else. I hope that I helped brought some light into you even the tiniest one. No matter how small it was, it would always be seen as a good start to something much greater ^^
'For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.'' -Hebrews 4:12

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