Welcome to THE BOOK JAM!!!


What's up with the bees?? The Book Jam was originally named 'The Book Hive', but changed due to having another blog with the same name. And that explains the bee theme. Imagine the effort of creating a blog (making the title photo, background and all), and then realizing that you made the mistake of not checking the availability of the name first. It's like, 'WHAAaaaat!'. *laughs*. I was new to this by then, and really excited that I missed some points. *cough*We learn from our own mistakes*cough* First, I really wanted to insist with anything that may have the word Hive on it. You know resident evil? then, you also know 'The Hive'. But I guess that it's on really 'high demand', because I can't get around it! And there is no way that I'm gonna change my newly designed blog. And then that's when THE BOOK JAM pops up on mind. JAMS- that's what me and my old friends call ourselves (long story). And that's it, its official!

How I review and rate books?? My reviews are informal and mostly about how the book appears to me. These are based on my own opinion and should not be taken as a definite basis of how the book is to be judge entirely. We all have different point of views that should be all taken with respect. My rating shows how much I loved and enjoyed the book.

My rating comes with the question: 'How much I loved this book?',  on every bottom part of my reviews.

= It was amazing! I loved it and I highly recommend it.

= I really loved and enjoyed it but.....

=  I really liked it.

= I liked it, just slightly better than average.

= It was ok.

= It was ok, but I had difficulties with it.

 = This isn't for me.

1 Heart is nonexistent because I find it ridiculous to put a heart on something I didn't like.

The Blogger?? Errr... Hi! I'm Sam, currently studying BS Interior Design at PUP. My first love is Art and Reading. I created this blog to share with everyone my passion to both. And if I'm lucky, then to introduce and encourage others to make reading as their hobby. I mostly read Young Adults but I am always open for the possibilities of exploring other genres.

Interior Design student, most people I met outside school doesn't even know what it is. I met a couple of people that mistaken it for Fashion Design, even offering me materials and tips the second they heard what I do. At first, it was funny but the fact that many don't even know it is really disappointing. I want to introduce Interior Design together with arts to you and everyone else.

I also love writing, especially poems though, reading some by other poets is out of the list of my capabilities. *laughs* I know that most of it are hard to understand. Well... I only write when there is some inspiration present, whether it's my professor with his deadlines or just my random girl moments influencing me. ^^