[#12] Book Review: Endless Magic by Rachel Higginson

Endless Magic 
(Star-Crossed #4)

Endless Magic (Star-Crossed #4)


In the final installment of the Star-Crossed Series, we find Eden Matthews a prisoner in the very household she set out to destroy. She is without magic and engaged to the same boy who betrayed her and everyone she loves. With her wedding looming on the horizon, conditions for her people continue to worsen and her goal of offering her kingdom freedom seems further away than ever. Her brother is free however, and building a Rebellion that hopes to rescue her. Eden's parents are working with the Resistance and inside the Citadel Eden finds more allies than she thought possible. However, there is more at stake for Eden than just an unwanted marriage. Her heart is on the line too, as she fights the pressures of palace life, the prejudice ingrained in her people and a seemingly unbeatable king. Endless Magic is the fourth and final installment of the Star-Crossed Series.


Endless Magic… The last book on the Star-Crossed Series. I liked it on an average way.

As the last installment, the conclusion of this book has been too short for a really long book. My excitement was numbered. It had a smooth finished, a little tiny heart attack on some events but still smooth and calm.

Characters. Eden, I waited for like forever before she figured out something. Made it a little boring and stupid. Jericho, I had my bet on him, but what happened to him?! Though, I admired what he has done. Kiran, I finally understood what happened to him on the previous series. Avalon, Lily, Talbott and all the rest of the Resistance, I’m so proud of them all :D

It was really a good series; Higginson had done a good job and really had improved in writing from start to this. 

How much I loved it?
3 Hearts

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