Poem [#6] : I have the Curse

I have the Curse

Why inflict pain?
Why not make it easier,
When all it takes are silence?
Why bother when not bothered?
Can’t say that I asked too much
When I never had spoken at all.

Please forgive my living days,
For I never asked for it,
Please forgive my existence,
For I work too hard to hide it,
Please forgive my wisdom,
For it’s all that I have.

I run miles and miles,
Hoping to fade away,
Wishing the bruise on my toes
Will cover the pain of my dying heart,
Wishing the dark night
Will hide those deadly stares.

I chose to receive the curse
And refuse to pass it on
Even if it means freedom,
I chose to take it all
And keep it to myself
Even if everyone condemns me for it.

I have the curse!
And I will not deliver it to anyone
Not to my child nor yours,
It’s no sacrifice but a blessing,
Blessing to see through your power
That’s nothing more that a curse.

-Samantha A.

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