Poems [#07] : Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow

Pain is the arrow buried in my heart,
Pain is how it felt when I saw you coming
With a bow and steady hands
While I kneel bleeding before your eyes.

Pain is the tight grip of memories,
Pain is the reality outside those memories
That no longer held your smiles and love
But your betrayal and hate instead.

Pain is receiving it from behind,
Pain is the absence of understanding,
Oh please, tell me why
For it's the reason it hurts the most.

Through the years that passed,
The pain never left,
The question never faded,
The answer still unheard.

But now you only belong in the past,
An unassembled puzzle covered in dust,
The one I could never bury
For I hold pieces of it in my palms.

Pieces I keep as a reminder,
A reminder never to trust too much,
A reminder of its consequences,
To keep me from repeating the same mistakes.

It's a shame, my shame
That you've had gotten my past
And still hold my future,
How can I steal it back, tell me.

They say, scars never fade
But what I have is a wound so fresh,
You see, I never let go of your arrow
I keep it here where you buried it.

Now, I remembered with wide eyes
The day I gave you that weapon
To protect or kill me
But you chose the latter.

Now, how am I suppose to trust?
When I can't even open my palms,
How am I suppose to let go?
When I'm too scared to trust again.

-Samantha A.

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