Poems [#3] : Life of a Loner

Life of a Loner

I'm a loner,
That's what they say,
Though, I don't care
For I live just for myself.

No words can hurt,
No wounds bring pain
But silent hugs
Shows how broken I am.

Smiles to hide,
Silence to masked,
Shell to protect
The fragile part of me.

A reflection
I saw one night,
Reveals the past
Of how I used to be.

Then I wondered,
Is it myself?
Seems it's long gone
For I can't remember.

How these happened?
Changes that great,
A mystery
That I shall find answers.

A walk in past
Show real smiles
Of that one girl,
Yes... she is the old me.

Came over me,
These are changes
Cause by my fearful heart.

Afraid of pain,
Scared of loss,
Fear of sadness,
Frightened by rejections.

Hopes to find
In bleeding heart,
Hoping to see
The part willing to love.

Taking chances,
To become brave
Or be cautious,
Which one I must choose?

You're a warrior,
Take some risk,
To win or loss
Which ever, just give your best.

You're a princess,
Shield by high gates
Never hurting
For you're concealed by fear.

Time to decide,
Warrior with risk
Princess so safe,
Tick-tack, as time goes by.

To fight, to love!
That's what I chose
No care for end
Just walk on road of life.

Now I smile
I see the world
Full of beauty,
Wonderful! I know now.

-Samantha A.

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