Poems [#4] : Agony


When your hideout felt like a battlefield,
Where would you go?
When everything was taken and no more to yield,
What was left to do?

When your dwelling made no home,
Where do you stay?
When escape was only on tomb,
Where would you run away?

When your friend was your murderer,
To whom would you call?
When even love couldn't be your keeper,
To whom would you hold during your fall?

I wanted to fly for I am a falcon,
But you see me as a sheep
With no power to carry on,
Only to be chained on your rusty keep.

I wanted to touch the sky,
To feel the air beneath my wings,
And to make you see with an open eye,
But I couldn't bring myself to stop its shakings.

My fear burning me,
Your hands kept hurting,
My tears drowning me,
My mind rebelling.

-Samantha A.

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