Poems [#2] : Behind the Dark

Behind the Dark

Imagine life without light,
How can someone appreciate the beauty of life?
The beauty of the creations of God,
The beauty of each individual that surrounds us,
And most of all, the beauty of our love ones.

Imagine life full of darkness,
Where everything is hidden,
And nothing can be seen,
A life that is so full of the absence of art,
A  life that everything seems to have no value at all,
It is indeed, imagining the unimaginable emptiness.

But the another side of the story suggest something more,
It is somehow, darkness itself is a beauty of nature,
That the absence of the appreciation of beauty makes everyone equal,
It is where criticism has no place to step in,
It is where pretension does not exist,
And it is where only the pure-hearted ones will survive.

Imagine some people glowing in the dark,
A true and a good friend glows while the fake ones remain,
The honest and loving citizens glow and the liars remain,
In this world, being rich or poor does not matter,
And the inside is clearly seen,
It is indeed, living in simplicity and pureness.

-Samantha A.

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