Saturday Recollection [Short Reviews]

Books I Skipped Reviewing
Weekend treats

These were just a short review of the books that I skipped for some reasons. I decided to post some once every weekend until it's all up. Enjoy! ^^

ღSeries Specialღ
(Part 5)

The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, #1)The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2)The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3)

❧ My Rating : 4.5 Hearts
❧ Date Read : November 2012
❧ Heroes of Olympus... I rated the latter series with Percy Jackson a full 5.0 hearts, because there's not a single moment that I felt bored and I don't know - maybe not so excited. I loved the first one better than this current series. Please don't misunderstand, the Heroes of Olympus was one of my best reads ever, but I just can't help but compare it to the latter one. It's awesome and wonderful, I just loved the previous so much - I'm a loyal type, that's just how it was.

So maybe if I'll just let go of the comparing part, this series would be rated 5.0. I love Percy, and the first installment kept me waiting for so long for him to appear. I told you, I'm loyal. Still on Team Camp Half Blood, never gonna change even if Camp Jupiter turns to be so awesome.

Setting apart being a loyalist of PJ... I welcomed the new characters and mix ups. It's great to have new POV's to keep record on. Jason, Leo, Hazel, Piper, Frank, Reyna, Octavian and the other side of the gods was a total package to love. It had been an exciting read to remember.

The Son of Neptune. At last, my Percy's back to being on the spot! Loved that even he forgot everything, Annabeth was exempted. Romantic - very. Hazel and Frank's history and capabilities was both interesting and awesome.

Mark of Athena. Every time I hear this title, the first thing that comes to mind was the cliffhanger. Why?! Why does it have to end that way? When they finally met and things were starting to make sense, why? Well, at least, they fell together; I guess there wouldn't be a satyr chaperon to follow them around in tartarus.

I know most of you already had read this, so you probably know too how hard the wait for House of Hades (next installment) to finally come. It's on October 8. Going to read it as soon as I can get my hands on it. Urg! Can't wait!

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