I know I'm noisy! [#02] : This months art works :)

So I decided to post my artwork done this month to fulfill my long time promise to do so. So here they are:

❧ This one was entitled 'Bridge'. It's my entry for an art contest. Done this for ten hours straight O.o  My first trial on painting and joining contest in this medium. 

❧ Another first, sculpture category entitled 'To Build a Man'. This is my first participation in any contest this college. Submitted this month. Worked on it for almost two months but on and off. (sorry for my messy table). Anyway, it's made of wires with a wooden base; depicting a human head with human figures around it. Please wish me luck :)

❧ This one's a school project. It's a watercolor painting of Chartres Cathedral. Done this with my two groupmates/friends. Cost us three sleepovers minus the sleeping part. If you had just seen us on the submission day, then you would know how to properly define a zombie *lol*  

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