Saturday Recollection [Short Reviews]

Books I Skipped Reviewing
Weekend treats

These were just a short review of the books that I skipped for some reasons. I decided to post some once every weekend until it's all up. Enjoy! ^^

Scarlet (Scarlet #1)❧ Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen
❧ My Rating : 3.0 Hearts
❧ Date Read : December 13, 2012
❧ I didn't get the chance to review this one because technically, I haven't even started this blog during that time. Okay, so this book is a twist to the classic tale Robin Hood. I liked the female character for she's all independent and brave. The plot was really good but it's a little boring until the climax started and the cards were revealed. Also loved the way they beat up the bad guys and work together. The romance part was cute and sweet. Going to read the next installment when it come out ^^
Heart on a Chain

Heart on a Chain by Cindy C. Bennett
❧ My Rating : 3.5 Hearts
❧ Date Read : Jan 23, 2013
❧ Same reasons for not reviewing. This book was the first and last one that made me cry. And when I say cry, I mean Cry for a long time. The girl character was so pitiful though, I can relate to her at some point. The story line was okay, I didn't like the ending 'cuz it's so simple, not worth all the struggles of the characters. This is contemporary romance and I recommend this one ^^
Divergent (Divergent, #1)

Divergent by Veronica Roth
❧ My Rating : 2.5 Hearts
❧ Date Read : September 14, 2012
❧ Same reasons. I know many readers enjoyed reading this one, but when I get to read it, I just can't figure out why. I just think that this book is not for me. This is my first dystopian read and I love that genre. Maybe, it was simply because this book was not my usual read during that time (the time I was still a sucker for Twilight-kind-of-romance). Though, I'm planning to try it out again on the next installment and see if I'm going to like it this time.

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