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Books Currently on My Shelf
(Which one to read first?)

Let the Sky Fall (Let the Sky Fall, #1) Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

          • Published March 5th 2013 
          • 416 pages
          • Part of Series (first installment)
          • I think it has dystopian, paranormal and romance thing.  

 Poison by Bridget Zinn

          • Published March 12th 2013
          • 288 pages
          • It's Fantasy plus Romance

          • Published May 14th 2013
          • 293 pages
          • We all know Flinn, right? It's an obvious retelling of Rapunzel :)

          • Published March 5th 2013
          • 370 pages
          • Part of Series (First Installment)
          • It's Paranormal plus romance (Witches and all ^^)

          • Published November 17th 2010
          • 484 pages
          • Part of Series (First Installment)
          • Paranormal plus Romance. 
          • Wanting to read this since I'd read Beautiful Disaster but now that I have it, there's just too many choices to make.

Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)
          • Published March 22nd 2011
          • 358 pages
          • Part of Series (First Installment) 
          • Dystopian
          • I honestly don't know what to expect with this book.

Anew (The Archers of Avalon, #1)
          • Published December 7th 2011 
          • 385 pages
          • Part of Series (First Installment)
          • Paranormal plus Romance
          • I've had read the first two chapters and decided to read it next time, story line's a little too slow for me. Though, I still considering reading it.

          • Published December 8th 2009
          • 452 pages
          • Part of Series (First Installment)
          • Paranormal plus Romance (Angels)
          • A friend recommended this to me months ago, the problem stays: there's toooo many choices, which to read first? O.o

          • Published November 6th 2012
          • 310 pages
          • Contemporary Romance
          • Well, It won't be my next book to read because I'm still in the mood of reading high fiction YA but I think I might read this next month or so. :)

          • Published November 17th 2011
          • 360 pages
          • Paranormal plus Romance (Mythology)
          • I am actually currently reading this one but it already taken me a week or so and I'm not even in the middle yet. Story line's too slow but I'm going to finish this (don't know when).

Everything is Young Adult Books and you may notice that they are all single novel or part of series but the first installment. I'm done reading all series books that I've had been following so I'm starting a new series/books to follow through. I'm having a hard time choosing so I would really appreciate a little help ^^
Anyway, I'm willing to Share EBook copies of any of these books, just follow me and message/comment which one you want to have =)

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